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Painter PPC Advertising

绘画线索是您绘画公司的生命线 and the principal factor determining your success. The more qualified leads you capture, the faster you can scale your painting business.

One of the ways that you can generate more repaint leads is through online advertising. Online ads improve your brand’s visibility, allowing you to quickly reach your targeted audience when they are primed and ready to buy.

每次点击付费 (PPC) 广告 is the most common form of online ads. They allow you to refine your audience through the use of targeted demographics, while only paying for those that interact with your business/website. Therefore, the more money you spend on a PPC campaign, the more leads you can expect to capture.

There are several popular mediums that offer PPC advertisements, however, the two most effective PPC platforms for the professional painting industry are Google and Meta (Facebook/Instagram). These two advertising titans can help you reach qualified leads, close more jobs, and generate more revenue.


Why Google Ads?

Google Search Ads

Google, the grandfather of PPC ads, is still the most effective way of obtaining new painting leads online. You can target particular users by catering to their interests, age range, gender, and other demographics.




以下是使用 Google Ads 生成绘画潜在客户的一些优势,而不是在 Meta (Facebook/Instagram) 上投放广告。


Google’s advertising platform can help increase your painting company’s repaint leads by targeting only the customers who are most primed and qualified to buy. This is because unlike social media, those searching on Google have established buyer intent.

Buyer Intent (or Purchase Intent): The probability of how close a consumer is to completing a purchase of a product or service.

在 Google 上,那些搜索您的服务只是执行该操作,因为他们对您的企业必须提供的绘画服务感兴趣。这似乎是一个显而易见的陈述,所以让我们将其与社交媒体进行比较,以了解为什么这如此重要。

考虑一下这在 Facebook 或 Instagram 上的运作方式——那些滚动浏览社交媒体的人并不是在搜索您的业务。如果他们无意中看到您的广告,他们可能会伸出援手,但这种类型的营销在很大程度上依赖于猜测ng 存在买家意图的地方。

相比之下,在 Google 上,我们可以定位特定的关键术语并将点击重新路由到目标着陆页,以帮助将流量转换并关闭为付费工作。


Google Display Ads

让我们面对现实吧,Google 有一个巨大的头脑从为在线广告铺平道路开始。是什么让谷歌成为投资营销预算的好地方是它的算法,每天更新几次(每年数百次,甚至数千次)。



With this in mind, you can start to develop a picture of how your ads should be designed — Capture attention while staying relevant to a specific search query.

Capture Attention: On Google, CPC (cost-per-click) is determined by several factors including CTR (click-through-rate) which is calculated by the number of times your ad was shown vs the number of clicks it received. Generally speaking, the higher your CTR, the lower your CPC.

Relevancy: The terms used throughout your ad copy should match the search queries you’re targeting. For instance, if you’re targeting “cabinet painting” your advertisement copy should also include “cabinet painting.”

了解 Google 的算法将帮助您更明智地进行投资。在使用 Google Ads 定位绘画线索时,制作与您的绘画公司的受众相关的广告。定制您的广告文案和定位选项,以准确反映那些可能投资于您的房屋粉刷服务的人的兴趣。

Google Ads 的多功能性和覆盖面

当您想到在 Google 上投放广告时,您可能会忽略一个事实,即您还可以在 Google 地图、YouTube 上吸引您的客户,以及 Google 的展示广告网络。

Google 的广告网络比社交媒体大得多,可让您接触到更广泛的受众。一般来说,您可以瞄准的眼睛越多,营销活动的效果就越好。

Google is also expanding into the PPL (pay-per-lead) market with their Google 本地服务广告 for painters. Un像 Angi 这样的共享领先网站, Google LSAs are exclusive leads for your business.

See how Google 本地服务广告 can help grow your painting business

Google Analytics 报告

Google Analytics

When considering advertising on Google it’s important that your Google 商家资料 and 网站针对转化进行了优化。 Why? Because CTR (click-through rate) is an important ranking factor for not only your ads, but also your website and GBP.


For best results add Google Analytics to your website and link to your Google Ads account. This will allow you to monitor the performance of traffic coming from your ads to your website.

Level Competition

Google Ads 是一个付费广告平台,允许各种规模的企业跨多个平台和设备定位消费者。因为它是一个自动化过程,依赖于对关键字的出价,所以不存在偏见。

Remember, when advertising on Google quality content is more important than the size of your budget. As a painting contractor, you must ensure that your ads are valuable and relevant to your target customers.

Google Ads offers businesses of all sizes a fair playing field with its advertising platform. You can start small, and work your way up, or go big from the beginning. Either way, there are countless ways to use Google Ads to generate new house painting leads for your painting company.

Why Facebook Ads?

If you’re like most $1M+ painting companies, your website is the primary source of reaching customers online. However, Facebook and Instagram (otherwise known as Meta) have become powerful platforms for marketing to your target audience. 

Facebook 广告可让您接触到可能完全不知道您的绘画公司的客户。反过来,这增加了获得绘画服务线索的机会,否则这些线索可能会被发现。通过执行良好的 Facebook 广告活动,您的油漆公司可以从对您的服务感兴趣和居住在您的服务区域的人那里获得新业务。

以下是使用 Facebook 广告产生更多房屋油漆销售线索的一些主要好处


Later 社交媒体 Management


If you haven’t already, 请务必阅读我们的文章,详细介绍如何提高质量照片之前/之后。


For Example: If you offer exterior painting services, you could create an ad with beautiful photos of your past work. This ad type will show potential clients what their house might look like if they hire your paint company. 



Painter 社交媒体 Management

开始在 Facebook 投放广告之前,了解您的目标市场非常重要。您可以使用 Facebook Insights 工具详细了解您当前的关注者。这样做将帮助您创建与那些对您的服务最感兴趣的人相关的有针对性的广告。

As a painting business owner, you should be adding images to your social profiles at least 3-4 times a month. Since Facebook and Instagram are pay-to-play platforms your organic posts are only shown to a small percentage of your followers. This strategy is primarily used to build trust among those researching your business online.


Facebook Ads reach a broad audience, making them a viable option for painting companies. Over 2 billion people use the Facebook platform, making it the 最受欢迎 social media network globally.

Facebook 提供了一个庞大的潜在客户网络,您可以在该平台上与之互动。此外,您还可以利用通过一个广告活动在两个社交网络上进行营销的优势。

通过 Google 在社交媒体上投放广告的一大好处是这些平台对其用户的了解深度。虽然 Google 的算法依赖于搜索查询,但 Facebook 和 Instagram 知道你的兴趣、生日,甚至家庭收入。


根据 eMarketer 最近的研究,Facebook是最受欢迎 site on the internet for advertising, and with good reason: Facebook Ads have a high ROI (return on investment). Databox reports that 90% of surveyed marketers who use Facebook ads report a 正投资回报率.

这主要是由于 Facebook 上的 CPC(每次点击费用)比谷歌低 10-20 倍。


Fast ROI

Another benefit of Facebook PPC ads is that they deliver quick results. Typically it takes Facebook administrators around 24 hours to approve your PPC ad. Once approved, your campaign will go live immediately. 


您可以在 Facebook 平台上发布 PPC 广告后的一到两天内增加网络流量。


Meta 的独特之处之一PPC 平台是您可以根据您希望客户如何回应来创建广告。

For example, both Lead Ads and Messenger Ads produce great results on Facebook for the professional painting industry, but you can also send prospects directly to your website from Facebook as well.

Which is Better?


For Example: Google will leave you with a better close ratio since we have established buyer intent. Also, Google can target a wider audience with its ads as you do not need a Google account to access the platform.

However, Facebook has better demographic information and a much lower CPC. Therefore, it can provide you with more leads at a lower CPL, but since the quality of those leads are lower the amount of time you will need to invest to close a new job can be slightly higher.

Overall, deciding what platform is best for your company depends on the type of clients you want to reach and your overall budget. If your goal is to increase your brand’s awareness and acquire leads with a lower price point, we recommend advertising on Facebook. Alternatively, if you want to spend less time trying to close leads, but at a higher price point (time is money) Google is your better option.

Generate more Repaint Leads with PPC Advertising

Whether deciding to advertise on social media or Google, our advertising experts can help you maximize the efficiency of your marketing campaigns. We have over a decade of experience creating customized PPC ads that translate into paying jobs. Our team will help you target the right qualified customers in your target service area.

If you want to learn how we can help you generate more house painting leads at the industry’s lowest CPC, give us a call today at (888) 313-1991 to speak to one of our trusted painter marketing experts.

Austin Houser
Austin Houser
关于作者: As founder of Base Coat Marketing, Austin is a data scientist and digital marketing expert with over a decade of lead generation experience within the professional painting industry.
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