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Instagram 和 Facebook Ads For Painters

Building a consistent flow of pre-qualified residential repaint leads can be a challenging task, especially if your painting business relies on word-of-mouth advertising. But where do you start?

If you’re searching for the best source of quality painting leads at a reasonable price point, look no further than Meta Ads (Formally Instagram 和 Facebook 广告)就是您的最佳选择。

Yes, 社交媒体广告 have been drilled into our minds as a low-quality lead source, but this is a fallacy due to a lack of understanding of what ad types and demographics produce the best results on this medium.



Facebook 广告对画家有用吗?

Yes! But it requires a little more effort and knowledge compared to running ads on Google. Ad types, content, and images will all determine how your ads will preform on social media.


社交媒体营销: Facebook Ads 101 for Painting Contractors

Painter Social Media Advertising

According to Statista, Facebook is still the dominant social media network, with approximately 每月有 29.3 亿活跃用户。 Facebook is also the platform on which Americans spend the most time with an average of 33 minutes per day 🤯

While Facebook caters to all 年龄在 18-65 岁以上, Instagram is 主要是域名18-34 岁的. Both platforms will reach homeowners, but Instagram is more likely to target first-time home buyers.

作为住宅粉刷承包商,您可能知道您理想的客户档案 (ICP) 是什么样的。

For instance: A dual-income household earning over $250k per year with a home valued over $500k.

如果您还没有开发 ICP,请从这里开始——问问自己,最容易关闭的客户有哪些共同特征?围绕这些人口统计数据建立一个角色,并坚持下去。


画家的 Facebook 广告如何运作?

由于 Facebook 或 Instagram 上的大多数用户并不积极寻找您的绘画服务,您必须发挥创意捕捉买家意图。

Buyer Intent (or Purchase Intent): The probability of how close a consumer is to completing a purchase of a product or service.


Have you ever seen an ad and felt like your phone must be monitored by Facebook? Hint: It’s not, Meta’s algorithm is just REALLY good at leveraging your user data and social interactions. This is ultimately why Meta has run into so many privacy issues — your data is essentially sold to the highest bidder.

因此,Instagram 和 Facebook 的画家广告实际上是在预算范围内产生新的住宅绘画业务的最有效方式之一。

请注意,商业涂料潜在客户最好在 Google 上获得。


简短的回答:这取决于,但每个潜在客户 $30-$60 是一个不错的目标。

We recommend a daily budget between $40-50 (roughly $1200-$1500/month). The primary factor that determines your CPA (cost-per-acquisition) is your cost-per-click (CPC). Factors that can impact your CPC include:

  • Target Audience Size: The larger your target service area the cheaper the leads will be.

  • Competition: If you’re in a saturated market you can expect a higher CPC (cost-per-click).

  • Target Services: Costly services such as Cabinet Painting tend to have a lower conversion rate compared to the standard interior repaint project.

了解如何在 Facebook 广告上设置每日预算

PPC 比较:Facebook 广告与 Google画家广告

Painter PPC Advertising

与大多数粉刷企业主一样,您可能想知道是否应该将广告支出重点放在Facebook 或 Google。


Facebook 广告:优点和缺点

Meta (Facebook and Instagram) has the best platforms for generating residential repaint leads at a low price point. Since the average CPC for a painting lead on social media is around $1 (compared to $20 on Google) it’s hard to beat the cost for an exclusive lead.

A downside of Meta Ads is the time involved to close a lead. Unlike Google Ads, which sends traffic to a landing page to book an estimate, it’s best to keep users on the Meta platform to maintain a low CPL (cost-per-lead).

在撰写本文时,目前没办法直接在 Meta 平台上预定估价。因此,需要通过 Facebook Ads 产生的新潜在客户进行外展预订估算。

此外,由于我们没有针对社交媒体的搜索查询,因此您需要建立自定义受众群体进行定位,这可能需要时间(通常在 30-60 天左右)。

鉴于社交媒体上缺乏买家意向,您可以预期健康的成交率在 35-45% 之间。

Google 广告:优点和缺点

相反,使用优化良好的着陆页 Google Ads 提供最佳优质的潜在客户,但价格更高。

You can expect to spend between $100-$200 per booked estimate using Google Ads, but since you’re able to skip the outreach step required by social ads the higher price point might be worth the cost — Ask yourself, what is the value of your time?

Google 也是商业绘画潜在客户的最佳媒介,因为 B2B 潜在客户很难在社交媒体上获得。

自从我们使用有针对性的方法建立买家意向以来在此媒体上搜索查询,您可以获得健康的收盘率 t o 范围在 40-60% 之间。


Painter 社交媒体广告

Now that we reviewed why and how social ads work, let’s discuss how to build a successful campaign to 吸引新的绘画潜在客户 by advertising your painting business on Facebook and Instagram.


首先,如果您还没有为您的企业创建 Facebook 和 Instagram 个人资料,您需要进行设置。


  • Use the same slug for your Facebook Page name and your Instagram username. This will ensure your customers can easily find you on both platforms.

  • Fulfill as much information as possible on each profile. Items like your service areas, website, and phone number play an important role here.

  • 将您的 Instagram 帐户链接到您的 Facebook 页面。 This will ensure that anytime you post to Instagram your Facebook Page will be updated as well (two birds, one stone).


Facebook Business Manager Account

要开始投放广告,Meta 要求您在其平台内创建两个额外的帐户:

  • Business Manager Account — This needs to be linked to your Facebook Page and Instagram accounts.
  • Ads Manager Account — Link this to your Business Manager account.


3. Create Your Instagram 和 Facebook Ads


Meta has a number of various ad types you can select from. While you may think it’s best to send traffic from Facebook and Instagram directly to your website, like Google Ads, it’s actually just a great way to waste your ad spend.

使用随着 iOS 14.5 于 2021 年底发布,Facebook 和 Instagram 现在无法准确跟踪您在其平台外的行为。

考虑到这一点,如果您保持Meta 平台上的潜在客户使用以下广告类型:

  • Lead Ads: Collect user information directly on Meta. You can create a custom form to capture information such as name, phone, address, and the services they’re interested in.
  • Messenger Ads: These ads trigger a new message request directly on Facebook. These ads are great for job recruiting as well!

Pro Tip: Ads with an image containing a human face tend to convert better than images of objects like a house.


Painter Facebook Ads Custom Audience

While creating your Meta Ads you will be prompted to define an audience. This is arguably one of the most important steps to creating a successful advertising campaign that you can build on over time.

正如我们在本文前面所讨论的那样, your audience is built on user data and will ultimately determine who sees your ads.

Meta 上有三种主要的受众类型:

  • Demographics — This is targeting information you provide Meta such as location, age, and gender.
  • Custom Audience — Build an audience around those who interact with your website/business.

  • Lookalike Audience — Build an audience that is similar to those who have already interacted with your business in the past.


  • Website — Add a pixel to your website to retarget traffic on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Customer list — Build an audience from a list of your past customers.
  • Video — Create a “Video View” campaign to build an audience from those who play a video you’ve created.

  • Lead form — Build an audience from those who submit your lead generation forms.

  • Instagram account — Target those who like and interact with your Instagram Profile.

  • Facebook page — Target those who like and interact with your Facebook Business Page.


  • Location — Your services areas + 20 mile radius

  • Age — 25-65+

  • Gender — Women


A successful social media advertising campaign can be built and managed by just about anyone with enough time and money, but most successful campaigns come from experience.

如果您刚刚开始,我们建议您密切监控您的活动。您的广告将在大约前 30 天或 30 次转化中处于“学习”阶段。

一旦您的广告得到优化,请至少每周检查一次以确保您的 CPC 和 CPL 成本符合您的预算和利润,然后进行调整根据需要!


Implementing the social media marketing guide as defined above will produce results for your business, however, those tasks take time and energy.


这就是 Base Coat Marketing 团队的用武之地。作为一家专为绘画承包商服务的专业数字营销机构,我们可以在短短一周内通过社交广告启动并运营您的业务!但我们在每个地区仅与一家油漆公司独家合作,因此请在您的竞争对手之前锁定您的市场……

Austin Houser
Austin Houser
关于作者: As founder of Base Coat Marketing, Austin is a data scientist and digital marketing expert with over a decade of lead generation experience within the professional painting industry.
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