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How To Get Commercial Painting Leads

The lifeblood of any painting business is consistent, high-quality leads. Simply, to generate more business you must first attract more painting leads.

Whether you’re just starting out or have several experienced crews, finding commercial painting leads in your target service area can be tall order. While not as common as residential projects, commercial painting projects tend to have a higher price tag, larger returns, and are typically easier to manage.

在这里,我们将回顾几种在 2022 年产生新的 B2B 商业绘画线索的方法。


1) 商业绘画广告:投资 PPC

Google Local Service Ads for Painters

谷歌广告和 PPC 营销 are among the best methods of attracting new commercial painting leads.

Pro Tip: 谷歌广告 is among the best paid-ad platforms for B2B commercial painting leads. While social media ads can generate quality painting leads for residential projects, the buyer intent is simply not there to effectively acquire new commercial clients.

From a PPC standpoint, there are many different types of ads in which you can invest, such as: 谷歌广告, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, etc. However, given your target audience will most likely start their search on Google, we recommend investing in 谷歌广告 first.

6 PPC 将点击转化为绘画线索的技巧

2) 竞争研究

Painting Leads: Competitive Research

The internet is full of creative marketing techniques that you can use as a launching pad for your digital marketing strategy. For painting lead generation ideas that work, look no further than your direct competition.  Start by identifying your largest competitor — Who brings in the biggest commercial painting jobs in your area?


检查他们网站或广告的搜索引擎结果页面 (SERPS)。如果他们使用 PPC 作为营销策略,您可以使用他们的广告文案作为起点来开发您自己的广告活动来竞争。

If their website is ranking organically on page #1 of Google, navigate to that page to see how it’s formatted. If your website differs significantly you may want to consider adding more content to your pages, or a complete 绘画网站重新设计 if necessary.

Note: You should never copy another company’s marketing strategy without putting your own spin on it. Consider adding/adjusting the offer, using different terminology, or emphasizing a unique selling point of your business.

3) 建立行业合作伙伴关系



Pro Tip: To build new partnerships without cold outreach consider getting involved in local B2B events. Your local Chamber of Commerce will typically have information about these.

4) 电子邮件市场营销

Painter Email Marketing Services

Building an email list is among the best marketing strategies a painting contractor can use to attract more commercial painting leads. Why? 因为电子邮件营销具有出色的投资回报率。 For this, consider using a free email marketing provider, like MailChimp, to test the waters in your service areas.


For Example: Consider flagging contacts that open or click on an email to help identify who might be interested in your services, otherwise known as a warm lead. You can then develop a different marketing strategy for those contacts.

Emails are also a great way to generate new business from past customers. For best results, create a referral campaign to incentivize your past customers to recommend your painting business to others.


5) LinkedIn for Painting Contractors

LinkedIn Users in United States

Utilizing social media marketing for your commercial painting company is essential for finding success in 2022. With over 185 million monthly active users, the best social media platform to connect with business professionals is LinkedIn.

LinkedIn 是一个专业的社交网站,可让您与潜在客户和业务合作伙伴联系。充分利用 LinkedIn 的算法可以为您的绘画业务创造新的机会,而且只需很少的努力。

我们建议您从经常发布有关您的业务的帖子开始(每周至少 1-3 次)。为了方便起见,无论何时您在 Facebook 或 Instagram 上发帖,都可以在 LinkedIn 上复制相同的帖子。

Pro Tip: Join LinkedIn groups to target specific industries. Even if you’re not generating leads from these groups, they’ll provide valuable insight into industry weaknesses you might be able to solve with your services. Worse case, you’re getting free brand awareness!

LinkedIn 还为企业主提供开展付费广告活动的机会。这种营销技术允许有针对性的广告,并可以帮助您在目标服务区域内为您的涂料公司找到独家商业线索。


6) 利用您的商会

You can reap many benefits when you join your local Chamber of Commerce. The principal mission of a Chamber of Commerce is to help its community’s small businesses. Therefore, it has a vested interest in helping your paint business succeed.



7) 投资于 SEO 以获取更多商业流量

Painter Website Design and Development Services

Ask yourself: Does my website attract those interested in commercial painting services? Your website is an advertisement for your painting company, it’s your digital billboard. If you want to capture new commercial painting leads your website MUST be optimized to attract that type of traffic.

Pro Tip: Leads come from clicks, and clicks come from impressions. If you want more impressions your website must rank well on Google for your target search terms (such as “commercial painter”) in your target service areas.

As you know, the painting industry is extremely competitive. Each service area you target has multiple other painting contractors competing for the same set of eyes online. If your web content is vague (less than 750 words/page) or does not mention your commercial painting services, chances are you’re not ranking very well for those target terms.

Pro Tip: SEO is an acronym for 搜索引擎优化. It is among the best lead generation methods a business owner can use to attract new customers. Instead of paying for clicks, you’re paying for a long-term marketing strategy that can sustain your business for years to come.

实施良好的 SEO 策略可以帮助提高在线绘画业务的知名度,而无需花钱点击可能不会转化为工作。


8) 客户信任:向买家灌输信心

Painter Review Management

Customer trust is one of the most vital attributes of a successful marketing campaign. If you’re not confident in your ability to serve a particular type of customer, more than likely, they’ll notice.


如何在线建立客户信任?简单地说,请您过去的客户留下评论。评论不仅是吸引新业务的最佳方式之一,而且还是 Google 上的一个重要排名因素。

8 种获得更多绘画评论的策略

9) 建立品牌意识:把自己放在那里

如果您像大多数绘画企业主一样,接触潜在的 B2B 可能会让您感到有点害怕导致。大多数人表示,他们不想因为一次糟糕的互动而毁掉未来的业务机会。毕竟,冷漠的外展可能是侵入性的。



Pro Tip: For best results, warm up your leads with email marketing first. Start by contacting the prospects who interact with your email campaigns, they have the highest buyer intent.

10) 聘请专业营销机构


Base Coat Marketing is the best marketing agency for painting business owners. Our SEO, PPC, and website design services generate consistent commercial painting leads throughout the year.


Austin Houser
Austin Houser
关于作者: As founder of Base Coat Marketing, Austin is a data scientist and digital marketing expert with over a decade of lead generation experience within the professional painting industry.
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