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How To Estimate a 商业绘画 Job

We already established that 经营绘画业务更具挑战性的方面之一是工作成本计算。 Now let’s take it up a notch and discuss how to estimate projects with thousands of square feet — Yes, we’re talking about commercial painting estimates.

Here we will discuss how to estimate your next commercial painting project, and 如何关闭那些油漆工作 after your estimate is delivered.


商业绘画 估计: Factors to Consider

How To Estimate a Painting Job


Specific prices will vary based on the type of coating required for each commercial application, the quantity of paint needed, and the size of the overall project. Still, every reputable painting company should weigh these four criteria before delivering a commercial painting estimate:


Your overall cost is determined significantly by the painting materials required to complete a project. Consequently, to give an accurate cost estimate, you must consider how much paint you’ll use to adequately coat and protect the interior or exterior surfaces.


  • 这个广告有多少我的客户要我粉刷建筑物吗?
  • 我需要两层以上的涂层来充分覆盖所有外表面吗?
  • 我需要在光滑的表面还是有纹理的墙壁上粉刷?
  • 商业结构是否需要一定的保护涂层的类型?







  • 无论商业地产大小如何,都提供免费估价
  • 提供中等和高质量的油漆选择
  • 价格高并提供折扣(销售心理)


Painting 工作成本计算

The easiest way to estimate how much paint you’ll need and how much labor will cost is to 计算您的服务 per square foot. Simply put, the more surface area your professional commercial painting company needs to cover, the longer you’ll be working and the more paint you’ll need.

Pro Tip: Most commercial projects will have a higher square foot cost on the contractor compared to residential spaces, so don’t use the same formula for your commercial jobs (they will run higher than if you were painting a home).

How to Bid a 商业绘画 Job in 2022

Bidding a Paint Project

Consider the 商业绘画 Estimate in Hours


Pro Tip: Most commercial painters combat this by estimating labor costs per room or section rather than guessing the cost per square foot of an entire building.

This tactic will not only give you an accurate sense of your commercial painting cost, but it will also give you and your prospect an estimate of how long the commercial painting project will take. Since business downtime is a critical factor for most property owners we recommend offering to complete projects off-hours to close the deal.


Inflated Painting Costs

Most professional painters want to give their prospects a competitive price to dissuade them from the competition. However, the average commercial painting cost has skyrocketed since the beginning of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

油漆成本比以往任何时候都增加, and the price for paint trays, spraying equipment, drop cloths, and other materials aren’t far behind. Consequently, this year commercial painting bids are the highest they have ever been.

Remember, contractors are now pricing their painting projects higher out of necessity to cover increased overhead costs. New commercial painting companies might hesitate to increase their average project cost, but most prospects will understand why material costs are peaking and look past the price tag.

Don’t Be Afraid to Turn Down a 商业绘画 Project



这主要是由于模糊, 复杂的指令很可能会让您的客户不高兴。


Calculating a 商业绘画 Job Estimate

How to Estimate a Paint Job


We recommend first determining the cost of your supplies — Ask yourself: How much will one gallon of paint for this project cost?

Then determine what materials you’ll need — Ask yourself: How many rollers, brushes, ladders, etc will I need? How long do the rollers and brushes last during a large painting project?

Paint Coverage 估计

  • 一加仑:覆盖 250 至 400 平方米英尺
  • 平均覆盖面积:325 平方英尺。


表面积平方英尺/油漆覆盖面积平方英尺 = 所需油漆的总加仑数

For Example: 20,000 sq. ft / 325 sq. ft. = 62 gallons (round up to be safe)

一定要考虑多层涂层。根据您覆盖的表面、位置和颜色,您将需要计划至少 2-3 层涂层。


For Example: If your material costs are $3,000, just divide that by .4 to get a rough estimate of $7,500. You can play around with these numbers to dial in your future estimates based on square footage alone.

Closing Your 商业绘画 Leads


Prove Your 商业绘画 Company Is the Best

Most business owners will consult with at least three painting contractors before committing to a service.

With that in mind, if you can prove to your prospect that your company is the best in town during the initial consultation, they won’t feel the need to talk with any other painters. 我们已经写了一整篇文章详细说明如何当场关闭油漆估算, but here’s a brief rundown:

  • 预审您的绘画线索。不要浪费时间评估不适合您的商业绘画业务的项目。
  • 留下良好的第一印象。准时到达并为工作着装。
  • 在具有相似面积的建筑物中展示优质作品的图片和/或视频。

  • Provide your prospect with testimonials from satisfied clients. For best results, provide references so your prospect can ask questions about your service from someone with experience.

  • 在您离开之前始终始终提供估价!


Painting Project Start Date

Painting thousands of square feet will take hours regardless of your team’s size, skill, and speed. Nobody wants to wait weeks or months for an appointment.

If your prospect communicates that urgency is a factor we recommend offering up expedited start dates during the estimate consultation. This small incentive might be enough to close your lead on the spot.



如果你在估价期间不能关闭你的油漆铅,这并不意味着你失去了客户的服务。但是,您必须与 f或他们的注意力,以确保您是他们心目中的商业绘画公司。

Call your leads early and often so they know you’re available and eager to offer your services. You can even add an accompanying text message and email to ensure they’ve heard from you.


For Example: If you talk with your prospective clients after they’ve met with other contractors, you can gauge what they’re looking for in a professional painter.


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